Kids Water Pistol Spray Pump Duck Bather Swimming Pool Bathtub Toy

Lovely Duck pump water spray toy. Have fun with water when bathing or swimming!
Note: Please wash it clean with no water left after using and keep it in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight for long time.
This is a neat little bathtub or pool toy. There is a nice handle that small hands can use to hold it very easily. On the top, the handle pulls up. The bottom portion of the toy will need to stay submerged in the water in order for the toy to suck water up into it. Then when you press the handle back down, the water will come out of the spout. It looks like a duck, and the “mouth” is where the water comes out. It has two different settings. It can either be more of a “shower” or more of a “stream” of water that comes out of the toy.

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Kids Water Pistol Spray Pump Duck Bather Swimming Pool Bathtub Toy

Product Description

  • Cute little Duck Pump can spray water in two modes from its funny mouth
  • Food Grade ABS material, durable and smooth with no edges and corners
  • Keep the bottom of the duck in water, push and pull the rod, rotate the duck mouth to set the mode
  • Helps develop baby’s hand&eye coordination
  • Make kids bath time more funny
  • It has a learning curve to get more fun, in order to make it work you must keep the bottom part of the toy submerged in water, after the kid understands how it works she/he will love playing with it. Her/His behavior at bath time will be improved.

Additional Information

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Dimensions 7 × 11 × 19.5 cm


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